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Intelligent Device and software development


       With the emergence of smart device such as smart watches, smart bracelets, and smart water cups, people’s lives have been greatly facilitated. Through smart device, people can learn about various indicators of their bodies, and can remotely control home appliances, even through The robot interacts with friends remotely. Casual smart device is gradually recognized by consumers, and various types of smart device are emerging in endlessly. Corresponding to different device, a corresponding software system is required to work together, and the development team of smart device may lack software development capabilities。

       YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD. can provide a full range of software solutions for intelligent device development teams, support the use of Bluetooth, WIFI, Zigbee, infrared and other protocols to communicate with hardware, and can also implement various social functions based on device. In terms of software development with intelligent device integration, YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD. has accumulated many cases, including: smart water cups, smart bracelets, smart sex toys, etc。