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The smart group farm system is a system used by the Xinjiang Construction Corps to manage farms. Through the system, it can connect the Corps, farms, growers, and locomotive drivers so that they can coordinate the planting work on the farm.   

The security alarm APP is an APP for virtual security monitoring equipment. The monitoring equipment can alert the user of abnormalities through the APP, and then the user can remotely view the camera through the APP.

Happy Sky is an APP for smart sex toys, users can remotely control sex toys through the APP. APP also includes instant messaging and community social functions.

Carpooling Anytime is a carpooling app similar to "Didi Taxi", divided into "passenger version" and "driver version". The passenger version can release carpooling requirements at any time, and nearby drivers can grab orders immediately and complete carpooling.       

Weitu Xuntong APP is an APP for parents and teachers to control and manage their children's mobile phones, including "children's version" and "parent-teacher version". Parents can control their children to play games and locate their children through the APP.

Football Lottery APP is a convenient APP for purchasing football lottery. Users can check match information, match news, nearby betting points, place betting on match lottery, and check the winning status through the APP.  

The discount pass app is an app that summarizes discount information about the surrounding areas. Through the app, users can see discount information of various nearby merchants, receive discount coupons, and display discount coupons at the merchants to enjoy discounts.

Meet the social app is a social app for strangers, including: instant messaging, chat hall, random matching, gift giving and other social functions.

The King of KTV APP is an application that interacts with the KTV box and sings. It includes a KTV box and a mobile phone APP. Through the mobile phone APP, it can be linked with the KTV box to perform functions such as song order, song recording, and friend PK-K song.

The smart water cup is a smart device that can detect the water temperature and volume of the water cup. The smart water cup APP can connecting with the water cup via Bluetooth, display the water volume temperature of the water cup, and remind the user to drink water according to the drinking plan added by the user.

Smart rice cooker is a rice cooker integrated with the Internet. It adds intelligent control device and software system to the original old-fashioned rice cooker. The rice cooker can be remotely controlled through the mobile phone APP for rice cooking, rice washing and other operations.

Smart camera is a home online camera. The smart camera APP is connected to the camera via WIFI to view the camera screen and control the camera switch, rotation, and recording.

The intelligent window control system is a set of centralized window control and management system, including intelligent device and centralized control software, which can control the opening and closing of windows in layers through software.

YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD. CRM system is a professional customer relationship management system, which is convenient for company sales staff to maintain and manage customer relationships and efficiently produce performance.

The People's Mediation Platform for Labor Disputes in Longgang District integrates the "four-level" mediation resources of districts, neighborhoods, communities, and enterprises to form a linkage and docking mechanism for people's mediation and labor dispute mediation. Collect mediation information in a timely manner and establish a dispute early warning mechanism.

The data storage and data processing system provided by YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD. for Guangxi Mobile, as a mobile traffic flow analysis platform, is deployed in the client room to help mobile operators quickly complete the processing and analysis of massive data.

Shenzhen Youth Net is a comprehensive portal managed by the Shenzhen Communist Youth League Committee. It is used for the Communist Youth League Committee to announce the real-time information of activities, issue the guiding ideology of the superior and the development of remote work.

Global Migratory Bird Resort Wine is a luxury top resort hotel built with the concept of "low-luxury leisure" in Huidong, the largest migratory bird habitat in China. Learn about hotel details and booking hotel room through the website.

Shixiaoer Meal Ordering APP is a mobile application software that connects users and merchants. It is divided into "user version" and "merchant version". The user version can make reservations and the merchant version can provide meal information and take orders.

Mingcha Mall APP is a vertical e-commerce APP. Users can filter and purchase different teas through the APP, and can perform shopping cart, order tracking, and online payment operations.

The restaurant ordering system is a software system used to replace traditional paper menus. Users can order restaurant orders through an app.

Aichao is a social APP based on VOIP network phone.

The Police Mintong APP of the Public Security Bureau is the official software of the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau to provide convenient services to the people. Users can make appointments to handle various related affairs through the APP.

Vanke Xinjiefang APP is a community APP under Vanke. Its functions involve all community ecosystems. Owners can use all property services around the community through this APP.

Through the proxy driving APP, users can quickly find a nearby proxy driver.

The Integrity Circle APP is a general-purpose e-commerce APP. Users can purchase various products provided by merchants through the APP and earn points. At the same time, they can also exchange products through points.

The hospital consultation APP is an APP that connects patients and doctors, and patients can contact doctors to inquire about their illnesses through the APP. 

The remote desktop APP is an APP to remotely control a PC computer with a mobile phone. Through the APP, the company's office computer can be connected remotely for remote work.

The digital signage system is a system for digital signage management, which can support thousands of digital signage management, can easily add, delete, and edit audio and video materials, and can display material content on multiple screens at regular intervals.

The video analysis system is a dynamic analysis system for camera video with the help of image recognition technology. It is mainly used in the field of security monitoring. At the same time, the system will give an alarm when an illegal person is found in the video.

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