Shared project development solutions

YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD. can customize and develop various shared project software + device solutions for you, including: sharing bicycles, sharing power banks, sharing umbrellas, sharing massage chairs, etc.

WeChat Mini Program Outsourcing Development

YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD. provides WeChat mini program outsourcing development services, which can customize various types of WeChat mini programs such as e-commerce, O2O, life services, sharing economy, financial management, etc., as the first batch of WeChat mini programs to open...

Micro Cabinet-WeChat QR Code Cabinet

Wechat-Wechat QR Code Cabinet is a kind of latest IoT smart cabinet based on Wechat. It can control the opening and closing of the cabinet by scanning the Wechat.

Chess and Card Game Development Program

Various types of game 3D and card game development customized solutions, Zhongke has 10 years of experience in the development of game 3D and card games, and can customize the development of house card mahjong games, Texas Hold'em games, game hall chess and card games, etc...

Live video APP software

The live video APP software program is mature and has been built by a professional video team, and there have been successful. It can be applied to video portals, video social networking, online education, live entertainment, corporate video associations...

IoT solutions

YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD. has developed a set of high-efficiency IoT solutions on the basis of many software and hard IoT cases based on the accumulation of software research and development for ten years, which can be widely applied to: temperature collection...

Intelligent express cabinet system

YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD. provides the intelligent express cabinet control system software and hardware overall solution, the solution is mature and reliable, and it has been running in thousands of cabinets! Customizable development is suitable for such as: breakfast cabinets, express cabinets,...

WeChat Robot

YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD. provides various WeChat robot customized development services such as WeChat personal robot development, WeChat group chat robot development, WeChat game robot development, WeChat marketing robot development, etc.

Smart watch system

YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD.'s smart watch software system overall solution, including: positioning, telephone, electronic fence, two-way communication, SOS alarm, user track, etc. The function is comprehensive, the plan is mature...

Big data solution

Quickly integrate and manage different types of large-capacity data, and apply advanced analysis to information in its native form. Visualize all available data for special analysis.

Face recognition system

Using leading face recognition and analysis technology, search for the identity of a specific person in a large number of databases (such as fugitive photo library, missing person photo library, permanent population photo library, etc.).

E-commerce solutions

Based on a large number of e-commerce development cases, YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD. has accumulated a complete set of e-commerce solutions, which are mainly divided into: b2c e-commerce solutions and b2b e-commerce solutions.

Data security backup box

Box is a new generation of intelligent enterprise desktop backup products, which realizes transparent and automatic backup. Employees open documents and back them up. From desktop data backup, monitoring, version management to data recovery,...