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Software customization service


       Every business has its own management method and workflow, and most of the management systems currently on the market such as OA, ERP, CRM, HRM, invoicing and others are software with general purpose. This type of software is difficult to meet the unique needs of businesses. To meet the individual business needs of the enterprise, Let's the software accordingly with enterprise management methods, not the businesses adapt to the functionality of the software. The software under the company's management regime are adjusted accordingly, To has become the standard for implementing information management in all Company.。   


       We provide customized software development services for enterprises, and adopt professional customized development processes to meet the different needs of major enterprise software products。                                                                 


Advantages custom development features:

       • Powerful and flexible functions, easy to expand the module;
       • Support B/S, C/S Architecture, Full coverage of implementation needs;   
       • Strong controllability, and the process steps are clear at quick;
       • Close to the individual needs of customers and provide comprehensive services;
       • Strong practicability, easy operation, suitable for operation by people of different backgrounds;
       • Powerful user authority management to meet the requirements of different types and scales of customers;;
       • The project development cycle is short and the Reasonable implementation cost;
       • Powerful and flexible functions, easy to expand the module;
       • The follow-up services are convenient and easy, you can enjoy care services。


Custom development process: