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The team was founded in 2017,
The core employees have more than ten years of software development experience, from:Huawei, Tencent, 360, Cloudflare, Giant, etc.

YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD. is a trusted software outsourcing partner. Focus on providing software outsourcing, APP development, intelligent device development, O2O platform development, government and enterprise information systems, big data solutions, Internet of Things and other development outsourcing services, through the implementation of customer demand-oriented, open innovation, excellent operation management and other strategies , Build the company's core competitiveness in an all-round way. Through strict quality standards and delivery process to ensure customers' commercial value.

YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD. is committed to providing customers with world-leading information technology, R&D and business process outsourcing services. YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD.'s business is distributed in the software industry, hardware industry, financial industry, communications industry, medicine and manufacturing industry, and its customers are concentrated in China's top 500 companies. YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD. strictly abides by quality and safety standards such as CMM5, ISO 9001, Six Sigma, ISO 27001, SAS 70 and PIPA. YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD. can provide cost-effective technology services through flexible on-site and offshore models.


As an IT outsourcing company, we follow the ISO 27001 and ISO 9001:2000 globally recognized safety and quality systems in our management, and fully implement the Six Sigma methodology in the qualified links of business operations. In terms of outsourcing localization development and testing, performance testing, Web development and application management and other first-class services, the Zhongke Information team has sufficient experience and confidence.

As a recognized practitioner in the software outsourcing industry, YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD. Applying a unique service model at domestic - international and combining a special corporate culture formed in the process of continuously providing first-class services to customers. YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD. Focus on human resource development, have a team of highly potential and well-trained employees, provide customers with services covering the entire application service life cycle, core business includes enterprise application services (application development and maintenance, quality testing), enterprise package Solutions (Siebel Solutions and Support), Oracle ERPSolutions and support services), Product engineering services (product development and testing, product globalization services), And technology and solution services (technical resource services).

YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD. provides high-quality BPO outsourcing (business process outsourcing) services for companies engaged in financial service industries such as insurance, securities, banking and leasing, as well as high-quality core process BPO services, including expanded data for various industries Entry and desktop publishing services. With the advantages of cost of ownership and talents in domestic second-tier cities, YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD. can provide customers with one-stop ITO and BPO services. The enthusiasm for technology and the acumen for business ensure that YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD. delivers high-quality products and services on time within the customer's budget and meets customer needs for both business and technology. YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD. is committed to improving customer business performance by providing ITO and BPO services that meet global quality and safety standards.


Cooperating with YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD., you will have an experienced and skilled outsourcing partner who can help you improve the quality of software solutions, shorten software development time and reduce software development costs. We promise your commercial value.


Based on YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD.'s rich R&D and customer resources, YIHAO CYBER TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD. provides various software for China Mobile, China Resources Group, Ping An Bank, Nanshan District Government, Longgang District Government and other telecommunications, banks, and government departments Development services.